Why we love what we do

Sleepy-Head Pillows are created and designed by our founder, Michael Peak. Michael is a determined and hard-working entrepreneur who is motivated to help his customers improve their sleep and improve their health.

Michael shares the inspiration for his creation:

"One night several years ago while watching TV, I saw a friend of mine sitting in a chair taking a nap. His head was tilted to the side and was resting in his hand. I thought, 'He could really use a pillow in his hand.'

"Then, I thought, "Hand - Pillow? Hand - Pillow? Yes! I got it! Hand - Pillow!'

"I immediately got inspired to draw a pillow that looks like a hand. Once I drew several designs, I knew we could create a product that would make my friend and all of us more comfortable while taking a nap."

Several years later, after working with numerous manufacturers, Michael has created our latest versions that are bringing joy and comfort to families and travelers across the country. Discover a Sleepy-Head Pillow design that fits your personality today!


Recharge your mind, body and soul with our handheld, portable pillows!

Special Thanks:

I would like to thank God for giving me this awesome ability to create and design whatever I believe in. I’m humbled and grateful for this opportunity to help bring inspiration and great products into this world. As well as, encourage the next person that their dreams can come true; that with a little faith and a little hard work anyone can change the world. I would like to thank everyone who supported me on this journey to fulfill my destiny and see my dreams come to reality. I couldn’t have done it without great people standing by my side through the good and the bad times I faced along the way. I would like to give special thanks to my Pastor Anthony Stevenson of “Life Changing International Church” for teaching me how to trust and apply the Word of God to my life to get the best results out of it. I also want to express my most sincere thanks to my family and friends who believed in me.


Special thanks to The Reeds, Joe Dudley Sr., founder and chairman of Dudley Hair Products, Joe Dudley, Jr. Berny Dormann, chairman and founder of CEO Space International, Joe White my club president at CEO Space International, NC & SC, Mr. Don Gilmore, Charity Jackson of Cr8tive Niche, Edward Dawkins my photographer, Ishmael Lateef, chairman of Innovation Station, Steven & Tiffany of Ignite-Interactive), David Vanstory, Telisha & Anthony, Nikki Morris & Petree Elementary School in Winston-Salem, Tamara Stanley of Red Palm, Ricardo Cordew of Rise up & Pray, P Sheryl, The Graces, J Smooth, Candy man, Derrick & Kim of My E Life magazine, Bob Shaw, Chris & Sabrina Greene, David Gilmore, J Dub, Christina Tomlinson, William Jones, Angela Hairston, George Thurnbal, Michael Haney & the Haney Family and to everyone who bought my pillows; some of who I had the privilege of autographing their pillow. Last but not lease my friend, manufacture & mentor Mr. Hal Mortersen chairman of Splash Works and the whole Splash Works team…Thanks for everything.  


"On your way to success,give your body some rest."