What is it?

It’s a portable hand pillow.

What’s the strap for?

It’s a headband that creates a hands free position by holding the pillow against the side of your face so that you could rest against windows in automobiles, trains, planes, buses, or even against walls where there may not be a seat for you to sit in. The strap can be used on either side of the pillow simply by flipping it over the top of pillow to other side.  The strap can also be used to put around the head rest in your automobile so that you can relax the back of the head or neck area. This is a couple more of our favorite positions we recommend you try our pillows in: leaning on a love ones shoulder or resting a sleepy child across your leg or lap area.

How do I keep it clean?

It is machine washable and can be put in dryer on low heat but we recommend letting it air dry. Our pillows can be used with safe guard detergents and bleaches.

Can I get the pillow without the full size “Sleepy-Head” logo on the pillow?

Yes you can.That will be a custom product and it will cause for custom pricing. We recommend that you choose the outline logo on at least one side of the pillow to not take away from our unique and signature hand look to help keep our products identity. We can decrease the logo to about 2inches and place on the corner of your pillow if you like. This helps us keep the image of our product.

Do we sell wholesale?

Yes wholesaling is available for companies who are willing to become a partner & distributor of our products. We would schedule a meeting with you or your company to discuss details. Please email us this request if you are interested in partnering with us. We welcome businesses who would love to help grow both our companies to meet the demands of our communities.

Are the pillows just for kids?

No. It’s a family product, and men, women, and children can use it anytime they desire. It’s an inspirational design and it doesn’t have a gender preference unless you choose some our colors that represent boy or girl. Recommended colors (blue or pink)

Why should you buy our pillows over the competition?

You buy our pillows because they are designed especially for the #1 sleep position out of 6 positions adopted by humans. We use top of the line materials. They are for everyone that values their sleep. They are made in the USA.  

How Do I Place An Order?​

1)      Go to “Shop”

2)      Select pillow of choice

3)      Select quantity of pillows you would like to purchase

4)      Add to shopping cart

5)      Enter payment & billing information. Payments are made thru “PayPal”. Once payment and billing information is confirmed, the order will be processed. Allow 1-2 days for order to process. You will receive an email with tracking # to confirm order has been shipped. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Regular delivery time is 3-5 days for product in stock.

How Do I Place a Custom Order?

For all custom orders please read the instructions. Here's the cool thing about our customization process. You can create your own personalized pillow by simply picking the number of the color you like for each section of the pillow diagram. You will have a 4 digit code for each side of pillow. To protect our company's image we reserve the right to refuse any literature or images that violate the rights of others or our company. 

Payment & Shipping

All payments are made using debit, credit, certified check or money order. Make all checks and money orders out to Sleepy-Head Pillows LLC, PO Box 276, High Point NC 27261. Order will process upon receiving payment. You will receive a email with tracking number when order ships. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Orders could arrive as early as a week if in stock. All orders ship thru US Postal Services.

Returns & Refunds

All return items must be in perfect and unused condition. Returns must be made within 14 days upon receiving the order. After 14 days the order can only be exchanged for a different item. Product that has been used or damaged will not be excepted back. Custom orders cannot be refunded unless there was a company error with the production of the product. Please allow 5-10 business days for your return if paid by check or money order and 3 days for debit/credit purchases.



Thank you for shopping with us!